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"Why should I bother in writing the article and making it public at the first place?" - you surely ask yourself. The answer is simple:

  • Showing your knowledge on the subject increases your credibility significanlty, which means more trust, and people like to buy products from companies, that they trust. The result is increased sales of what you sell
  • It is also a great way to reach the media market. Being an expert on the topic makes the invitations to comment on different subjects flowing in to your mailbox. And each and every comment is usually accompanied with a tiny information about what you do and what you sell... which is a great way to increase your brand awarness
This are just a few reasons. We are sure, that you would be able to list much more. So why should you choose us to perform this service for you?

Save your Time

Manual articles submission requires that you visit each website individually and fill out all the forms with the required information. That process is a very tedious task, however, and it takes days, or even weeks, depending on how many directories and websites you wish your artices to be presented on. And definetely the more sources you are listed on, the better - so you want to be listed everywhere? And do you know what "everywhere" is? What are the best article sites? How to list your resources there? Gaining such knowledge adds even more time requirements for completing the article submission project.

And did we mention, that this is only the beginning? You surely would like to track, how effective the submissions were, know where your submissions were rejected and resubmit when necessary.

And how about maintaining the listing? Let's say, the information that you included in your article needs updating - the world changes rapidly and your articles won't stay up to date forever. If you think, that it will be easier this time, you are mistaken. Updating and existing listing is as tedious task as submitting it for the first time. Boring, repetitive work, that consumes all the valuable time that you would like to spend working on your business core, not filling thousands of online forms.

Main benefits

  • a significant saving of your time - check how much you can save
  • increase number of downloads for your software applications
  • bring more customers to your website
  • generate more sales for your software

Package contents

With every article promotion package you will receive:

* Article submission to 500+ article websites and directories
  • We will run a complete check of your article content before submitting
  • Your article will be manually submitted by our experienced consultants to over 500 articles sources, changing its format between plain and formatted text where required
  • We will add your biography to the sites, with all the information about your business and a link that points back to your website
  • We will handle all author accounts creation tasks, where it is required to submit your article information
  • We will bookmark your article on over 50 social networks
  • You will receive a complete report after the submission has been completed
  • Your submissions will be tracked and you will receive a success rate reports after the submission
  • You will receive all logins and passwords for your software entries in directories so that you can edit the information yourself anytime