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An independent review of your software

Show the value of your software to your customers with a Quality Assurance Seal

Quality Assurance Seal Let us evaluate your software and get the attention that it deserves!

Our reviewers will rate your software and review all aspects of your application, using our clear and well-conceived scoring system. Our review process is based on 9 years of our experience in software industry. Our evaluation report will help you to identify areas for improvement and taking some of the guesswork out of what rating your software will receive on software download sites.

Let us assess your work for you and receive the Quality Assurance Seal for your website. Show the quality of your software to your prospect customers!

How does the review process look like?

We will review all aspects of your software and your company website, that make up the quality of your software products.
Our evaluation report covers the following topics:

User Interface
Help and Documentation
Competetive comparision
Customer Support
Overall Value
Recommendation Value
Multimedia Value
Installation Files

Quality Assessment Report topics

Make your customers confident about buying your software. Show them your Quality Assurance Seal!

  • We will evaluate your software against our comprehensive set of software quality aspects
  • If you pass all tests, the Quality Assurance Seal will be awarded to you with full rights to publish the certificate on your website
  • You will receive a detailed report with your software evaluation results and suggestions